Student Opportunities

The National Conference for Media Reform is a great place for students to connect with leading media organizers, cutting-edge journalists and social justice activists from around the country.

With a mix of hands-on workshops, in-depth panels and tons of networking opportunities, the conference is a chance to super-charge your activism and expand on your studies. Then there are the parties … we can't change the world without a good dose of fun.

How You Can Get Involved

The National Conference for Media Reform is the kind of event that launches careers, connects people to the movement for better media and inspires new organizations and collaborations. We know that students are essential change makers and we encourage your participation in the conference. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Present Your Work and Pitch Your Ideas: You’ll have a chance to highlight your work and give a presentation on your research, journalism and activism. Our "Student Presentations" booth will showcase student work from around the country. Email Josh Stearns for details.
  • Report on the Conference: Join us as a journalist to cover the conference for your student newsroom or campus publications. or apply to take part in our student newsroom, where a team of multimedia student journalists will cover the conference both inside and outside the convention center. Click here if you’re interested in registering as press.
  • Volunteer (at the conference or in advance): A limited number of work-exchange positions is available for students interested in volunteering their time in exchange for waivers of the conference-registration fee. We have opportunities to volunteer at the conference or in advance around the Denver area. Find out more here.

Funding Your Trip:

We're offering a student-registration rate of $125.

We've also got some great ideas on how you can fund your trip to Denver:

  • Carpool or share lodging. If you're interested in sharing a ride or lodging with fellow conference attendees, please click here for information on SpaceShare. This is a great resource for conference-goers looking to save money and travel green. In addition, many campuses have cars that student clubs can rent or borrow. Check with your student government or student activities office.
  • Get support from your campus, department or club. Many schools and departments have funding available for students to attend or present at conferences. Check with faculty for details.
  • Hold a fundraiser. Bake sales work, but so do lots of other events, like dance parties and trivia nights. Fundraisers can be a great way to offset conference costs.
  • Learn from others. Our friends at the Allied Media Conference have amassed an incredible resource of fundraising ideas. Check these tips out here.

Have questions? Want more ideas? Email

And if you’re ready to register, click here.

What are other students saying about the National Conference for Media Reform?

"After learning about our national media policies and copyright laws in my classes, I realized I wanted to get involved in safeguarding our media freedom and security. I was encouraged to attend the conference by my professors and ended up meeting so many incredible people who are actually working to improve our media policy. I strongly encourage anyone who cares about the future of our media to attend the National Conference for Media Reform."

—Kristen Aguanno

"I left the 2011 conference inspired to write, encouraged by the passion and commitment in other conference participants. The all-star cast of journalists and media makers blew me away — from watching a live recording of Democracy Now! to hearing a passionate speech by Congresswoman Donna Edwards to listening to the Nation writer John Nichols recount his history in journalism. At every turn I found myself impressed and inspired."

—Shelby Kinney-Lang

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good