Themes and Topics

Want a little taste of what we’ll have on tap at the conference?

In Denver, you’ll learn about the most pressing media and technology issues, meet amazing activists from around the country and build new skills while exploring the connections among our themed tracks.

And stay tuned — we’ll release our official program in March.

Note: The list of session topics is subject to change. We’ll announce many other great topics in the coming months.

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    Policy and Politics

    Sessions will highlight today’s most pressing media policy debates, discuss how to advance the public interest in Washington and explore how the media impact the world’s most pressing political issues.

    Sample Topics

    • Media Diversity and Ownership
    • Money, Media and Politics
    • Universal Access to High-Speed Internet
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    Social Justice and the Fight for Media Equality

    Sessions will explore the connections between media and organizing efforts aimed at improving the lives of everyday people. Sessions will also examine the media’s role in shaping public and political discourse about the critical social justice issues of our time.

    Sample Topics

    • The High Price of Prison Phone Calls
    • Labor Coverage in the Media
    • The Media’s Representation of People of Color, Immigrants, Women, and More
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    Journalism and Public Media

    Sessions will focus on the future of journalism and the First Amendment in the digital age. These sessions will spotlight innovative projects, tackle controversial debates and explore policy ideas through the lens of community, ethnic, alternative and public media.

    Sample Topics

    • The Future of Public Media
    • Journalists Holding Power Accountable
    • War and Human Rights Coverage
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    Culture, Creators and Media Makers

    Sessions will look at cultural production — the making of media, how creators use media and technology and the influence of pop culture in our society. This track will feature artists ranging from musicians and comedians to radio producers and documentary filmmakers. The track will include workshops on the creation of media in its many forms and the policies that support — or threaten — media making.

    Sample Topics

    • Media That Changes Culture
    • Pop Culture Critiques
    • Community Media
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    Internet Freedom, Technology and Innovation

    Sessions will investigate how the free and open Internet is central to people’s freedom to communicate, share, advocate and innovate in the 21st century — and will look at the policies that could help us achieve Internet freedom for all.

    Sample Topics

    • Global Internet Freedom
    • Threats to Online Privacy
    • Women and Technology
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    Workshops/Tech and Media Playground

    Sessions will include how-to workshops, hands-on trainings, skill-building exercises, case studies, models for successful campaigns and strategies for engaging key constituencies. These sessions will “cross-pollinate” with the topics and themes explored throughout the conference program.

    In our tech and media playground, you can assemble a mini radio transmitter or your own data maps. You can work on a project in the hacklab or learn production skills as you cover the conference on our own radio station and video channel. Visit the tech and media playground to share and learn handy skills.

    Sample Topics

    • Creative Grassroots Fundraising
    • Working for Racial Justice
    • Build Your Own Mini FM Radio Transmitter
    • Livestreaming for Citizen Journalists
    • Media Hacklab


People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good