High Tech, Low Life

Session Date: 
Sun., April 7, 2013:
9-10:30 am
Governors Square 12
Film Festival

High Tech, Low Life follows two of China’s first citizen reporters as they travel the country chronicling underreported stories. Armed with laptops, cellphones and digital cameras, they develop skills as independent one-man news stations while learning to navigate China’s evolving censorship regulations and avoiding the risk of political persecution.

Steve Maing’s film follows 57-year-old “Tiger Temple,” China’s first citizen reporter, and 27-year-old “Zola,” who reports on sensitive news throughout the country. The juxtaposition of Zola’s coming-of-age journey and Tiger Temple’s commitment to understanding China’s tumultuous past provides an alternate portrait of China and newsgathering in the 21st century.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good