After SOPA: The New Wave of Internet Activism

Session Date: 
Fri., April 5, 2013:
1:30-3 pm
Governors Square 15
Internet Freedom, Technology and Innovation

In January 2012, millions of Internet activists joined together to do the unthinkable: They beat back a pair of Hollywood-sponsored bills — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) — that were supposedly unbeatable. It was a watershed moment for digital activism in which millions of people who’d never before engaged in the politics of the Internet suddenly realized how precious the open Internet really is.

Since that moment, we’ve seen an alphabet soup of bills, treaties and meetings with names like CISPA, ECPA, CFAA, WCIT and FISA — all of which would hurt our online freedoms in the name of security, copyright protection or free market economics. And since then, digital rights groups and the public have worked together like never before to help protect Internet users from threats to their freedom to connect.

On this panel, leading advocates from the front lines of these fights will discuss the strategies they’ve employed to keep up the SOPA/PIPA momentum — and will explore what this Internet freedom movement is fighting to achieve.

People + Policy

= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good