Joanne Hovis

President of CTC Technology and Energy

Joanne Hovis is the president of CTC and directs all work in the areas of business consulting, strategic planning, market assessment and management consulting. She is an attorney with a background in communications and commercial litigation.

Ms. Hovis is a recognized authority on the broadband market and community broadband — and on the evolving role of government in the provision of public communication services. Ms. Hovis oversees all ongoing CTC research and analysis for local government clients and frequently provides business planning and market analysis for communication networking initiatives. She advises not-for profit and public entities on strategic and business considerations for building community broadband networks, both in the “middle” and “last” mile areas, and provides guidance regarding funding opportunities.

Ms. Hovis is also the president of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA), the national association that represents local governments and promotes community interests in communications matters. She serves on the board of the Benton Foundation and is a charter member of the United States Unified Community Anchor Network project’s Task Force on Community Anchor Network Economic Models.

Ms. Hovis is in wide demand as a speaker and expert source on broadband-deployment issues. She has been interviewed by local and national publications, and has been featured as a guest on the C-SPAN show The Communicators. She has provided expert guidance to ARCEP (France's communications regulatory agency), the Congressional Internet Caucus, Google, the National League of Cities, NATOA and the Technology Policy Summit.

She has advised numerous foundations and policy nonprofits on broadband and leads the CTC teams that advise clients regarding fiber-to-the-premises networking. Ms. Hovis also advises a number of universities on broadband planning, including the University of Illinois and Case Western Reserve University.

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