Denecia Cadena

Communications and Cultural Strategy Director of Young Women United

Denicia is a queer Chicana born and raised in Mesilla, N.M. Denicia is the communications and cultural strategy director of Young Women United, a community-organizing project by and for young women of color in Albuquerque. As a cultural organizer, she engages our communities' embodied knowledge and brings out community experience in creative ways.

As a welder and sculptor, Denicia knows that some ways of knowing and understanding can be expressed only through art. A proud sister, aunt, daughter and friend, Denicia couldn't imagine herself without all of the strong women who have shaped her.

Denicia has several years of experience working on issues of racial justice, gender justice and queer justice. She is her happiest, truest self when on the dance floor. Denicia holds a B.A. in history with a concentration in diaspora studies from Amherst College.

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People + Policy

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good