Vince Jordan

Broadband Services Manager for Longmont Power and Communications

Vince Jordan has 34 years of systems development and management experience in various industries.

In 1988, he created and operated telecommunications data centers. From 1990–1993, he assembled and led the systems-development team that developed and deployed the first ATM-switching network in the U.S. The systems included a complete operations support system, a network management system and a billing system.

In 1993, Vince joined the systems integrator SHL Systems House, where he established and managed Boulder's Object Technology Center. This major project was a consolidation of MCI’s customer care systems for its Friends and Family program.

In 1995, Vince moved to Zurich, where he served as the chief technology officer for Swiss Bank Corporation’s IT company, Systor. There he was responsible for the company's technology direction and for opening new markets in the insurance and telecommunications industry. Vince secured major projects with Swiss Telecom to update its customer care and billing systems and with Basel Insurance to update its customer service systems.

In 1997, Vince and a longtime partner founded a software product company, Solant, which developed, marketed and sold an interactive customer care and electronic bill presentment and payment system to the telecommunications industry. Solant merged with its largest competitor in 2000.

From 2000–2004, Vince provided management consulting services with various companies in Colorado. In 2004, with partners, he created RidgeviewTel, developer of a state-of-the-art unified product for wireline and wireless carriers. RVT also provides customer care and outsourcing services to carriers using this platform. RVT operates networks in three states as a means of furthering development of the product and proving its viability.

Vince is currently the broadband services manager for Longmont, Colo.

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