Madeleine Bair

Human Rights Channel Curator for WITNESS

At the Brooklyn-based human rights organization WITNESS, Madeleine curates the Human Rights Channel, a collaboration with Storyful on YouTube.

Madeleine has been carrying a microphone in her backpack since she belonged to the Oakland bureau of the pioneering youth media organization Children's Express. After chasing Hillary Clinton down for an interview in China and being yelled at by J.C. Watts at the Republican National Convention, the little girl with pigtails and a yellow notepad decided that poking her freckled face in unexpected places was her calling.

Since then, Madeleine has upgraded from cassette to digital and branched out to print, film and multimedia work. She has taught radio production to young adults, produced a documentary about the Latino dropout crisis for PBS and worked as an I.F. Stone Fellow at Human Rights Watch.

Madeleine earned a dual M.A. in journalism and international studies from UC Berkeley, and a B.A. from the University of Chicago. As a UC Berkeley Human Rights Center Fellow in 2010, she collaborated with Jamaicans for Justice to document police brutality in Kingston. She produced a multimedia video that was presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and is used to educate and inform Jamaicans about police abuse and the justice system.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good