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Susie Cagle is a writer and illustrator at She has been called the angrier version of other writers and illustrators.

Susie has written and drawn for Alternet, the American Prospect, the Atlantic, the Awl, the Bay Citizen, the Boston Review, Campus Progress, the Guardian, McSweeney's, the Nation, the Rumpus, Truthout and many other fine publications. Her work has been featured in BoingBoing, the Chicago Tribune,, the Huffington Post, Jezebel, the Los Angeles Times and others. She’s received honors from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the San Francisco Weekly and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Susie has a master's in journalism from Columbia, and has been arrested only twice while reporting. She's currently working with a team of reporters and students on a community media project about gun violence in Oakland, Calif.

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