Tania A. Unzueta

Organizer with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Tania is an undocumented queer organizer who was born in Mexico City and has lived in Chicago since she was 10. She is a co-founder and organizer with the Immigrant Youth Justice League, and is a nationally recognized leader in the undocumented and immigrant rights movements.

Tania is also an accomplished media maker. She worked, taught and studied at community radio station WRTE 90.5-FM Chicago for nine years, creating socially relevant radio programs and mentoring young journalists. Tania quit her job as WRTE's assistant general manager in 2010 to focus on immigrant-rights work and to attend graduate school.

In 2010, Tania coordinated and participated in the first two civil disobediences by undocumented activists in Arizona and Washington, D.C., and has remained on the forefront of direct action from undocumented immigrants. In 2012, she earned a master's in Latin American and Latino studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Following her graduation, she spent three months as the media coordinator of the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice. On this bus tour, undocumented organizers traveled throughout the Southern U.S. and worked with undocumented immigrant communities to address local issues through direct-action strategies.

Tania is currently working as an organizer with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, helping local affiliates develop their capacity to organize against deportations in their communities. She lives with her partner in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood.

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