Mitsuko R. Herrera

Cable and Broadband Administrator for Montgomery County, Md.

Mitsuko R. Herrera is the cable and broadband administrator for Montgomery County, Md. She is also the alternate chair of the Montgomery County Transmission Facilities Coordination Group, a member of the Maryland Communications Tax Reform Commission and a member of the 2011-2012 Federal Communications Commission Consumer Advisory Committee.

Montgomery County is part of the One Maryland Broadband Network project, which will use a $115 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant to extend high-speed broadband to over 800 community anchor institutions throughout the state. Ms. Herrera has been part of the leadership team lobbying to include government networks in ARRA, lobbying NTIA in establishing grant criteria, mobilizing support for the Maryland project, and providing governance for the multi-jurisdiction implementation of the ARRA grant.

Ms. Herrera also manages Montgomery County’s $26 million cable fund. The fund has enabled FiberNet, the county’s government communications network, to deliver broadband, dial tone, video, public Wi-Fi and reliable wireless public safety communications services to 450 public school, community college, public safety and government locations. On behalf of the consumers and government agencies of Montgomery County, Ms. Herrera lobbies federal and state agencies and legislators regarding cable service and rates, cable and broadband consumer equipment, broadband availability and adoption, telecommunications spectrum and siting, public safety, compensation for right-of-way use issues and communications tax issues.

Ms. Herrera previously served as the director of communications policy and regulation in Fairfax County, Va.'s Department of Communications and Consumer Services and as an associate in the law firm of Miller and Van Eaton, PLLC, where she represented municipal clients in cable, wireless and wireline telecommunications, right-of-way, and broadband matters.

Ms. Herrera is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and the University of California at San Diego.

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