Kat Barr

Chief of Staff at UltraViolet

Kat Barr is the chief of staff at UltraViolet, an online community of women and men fighting to expand women's rights and combat sexism. Before joining UltraViolet, Kat worked as a campaign director at MoveOn.org, where she ran efforts on health-care reform, women's rights, civil liberties and gay rights. She helped launch MoveOn's first text message-organizing program, and helped recruit progressives interested in running for office.

Prior to joining MoveOn, Kat was the director of political outreach at Rock the Vote. In that role, Kat managed the research department, where Rock the Vote developed best practices for registering young voters. Kat did dozens of trainings and presentations for political candidates and grassroots organizers on how to reach and engage young people.

After nine years in Washington, D.C., Kat recently relocated to Colorado, where she lives with her fiancé and her puppy in a beautiful small town in the Rocky Mountains. Aside from work, most of her time is spent hiking, doing yoga and taking hundreds of photographs of the amazing local wilderness.

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