Katie Falkenberg

Organizer and Photographer, 23rd Studios

Katie Falkenberg has been a freelancer in the creative/nonprofit world for more than seven years. She came into the Occupy movement as a radically minded non-activist, quit her job in midtown Manhattan after being unlawfully arrested two weekends in a row, became an organizer in groups including the Tech Ops working group, and then picked up a camera.

In early March 2012, Katie gave up her apartment in New York and decided to pursue a new life dedicated to social change. Since that time she's traveled over 30,000 miles and covered stories in 36 states across the U.S. Her involvement with CODEPINK led her to Pakistan to document a historic anti-drone peace delegation to Waziristan.

As a newcomer to activism and media, Katie has had the great fortune to see Occupy and other social movements from the perspectives of a woman, an outsider, an insider and a member of the media. Katie currently lives in Boulder, where she and her boyfriend run 23rd Studios, a small creative company. They are involved in anti-fracking and anti-drone coverage and organize community-building events.

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People + Policy

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good