Andrew Jay Schwartzman

Media and Telecommunications Policy Expert

Andrew Jay Schwartzman is an attorney and consultant who specializes in media and telecommunications policy. He is also a part-time special adviser to Free Press.

From 1978–2012, Schwartzman headed the Media Access Project (MAP). MAP was a nonprofit public interest telecommunications law firm that represented the public in promoting the First Amendment. It sought to promote creation of a well-informed electorate by ensuring vigorous debate in a free marketplace of ideas. It was the chief legal strategist in efforts to oppose major media mergers and preserve policies promoting media diversity. MAP also led efforts to promote openness and innovation on broadband networks and to ensure that broad and affordable public access is provided during the deployment of advanced telecommunications networks.

Mr. Schwartzman appeared on behalf of MAP before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the courts on issues including cable TV regulation, minority and female ownership and employment in the mass media, and on FCC jurisdiction regarding the Internet.

In recognition of his service, the Scientific American honored Mr. Schwartzman as one of the nation’s 50 leaders in technology. Mr. Schwartzman has also received the United Church of Christ Office of Communication’s Everett C. Parker Award and the Media Matters Life Achievement Award. In 2012, Public Knowledge gave him its IP3 award “for a lifetime of work on promoting the public interest in a diverse media marketplace.”

Mr. Schwartzman is a faculty member of the Johns Hopkins University School of Arts and Sciences Department of Advanced Academic Programs. He is a member of the FCC’s Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age. Mr. Schwartzman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and its law school.

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