Joe Macaré

Director of Donor Development and Outreach at Truthout

A native of the United Kingdom who now resides in Chicago, Joe Macaré is the director of donor development and outreach at Truthout and is an editor and contributor at the Occupied Chicago Tribune. He previously served as communications director at In These Times, where he was responsible for some of the earliest coverage of Chicago’s Occupy movement.

Joe has appeared on Chicago Newsroom, Citizen Radio, Radio Dispatch, RT and WBEZ to discuss topics including Occupy Chicago, the 2011 NATO summit protests and the Chicago Teachers Union strike. He has also written for Gaper's Block, Global Comment and Red Wedge, among other sites. 

Joe’s interest in people's movements, resistance and police repression dates back at least to the time he was "kettled" for seven hours by the London Metropolitan Police along with protesters and other observers on May Day 2001. He began and maintains the #journobloc listserv, which offers an informal network and resource for independent media reporters, photographers and livestreamers covering protests in Chicago and beyond.

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good