Ann Imse

Founder of Colorado Public News

Ann Imse is the founder of Colorado Public News, which was created to provide Colorado residents with the kind of in-depth reporting that's essential for a healthy democracy and economy.

After considerable research, Ann and her colleagues chose a nonprofit model, because Internet advertising is not providing enough revenue to cover the cost of reporting. CPN is funded by foundations and donors, and operates under the 501(c)(3) of Colorado Public Television 12.

CPN has evolved into a nonprofit news service, with a combined audience of more than 1 million. CPN outlets include all major newspapers in the state, four television stations and 18 radio stations, as well as the websites of these news outlets, and CPN’s own websites, and CPN has earned a reputation for providing significant in-depth stories in text, audio and video.

From 1988–1991, Ann worked as an Associated Press correspondent in Moscow, where she covered the collapse of the Soviet Union from the beginning of the reforms. She co-authored the CNN Reports book Seven Days that Shook the World: The Collapse of Soviet Communism. She has worked as a freelance reporter for BusinessWeek, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, the New York Times Magazine and the New York Times business page.

From 19942008, Ann worked as an investigative and beat reporter at the Rocky Mountain News, where she found that a federal program to help sick nuclear weapons workers spent $74 million on paperwork and helped only one worker, and that mentally ill children were being kept in solitary confinement for months in youth prisons. She has also been a business reporter and entrepreneur.

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