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Maybe you’re feeling a little sad right now. A little verklempt. A little forlorn. You really, really wanted to go to the National Conference for Media Reform but for one reason or another you just couldn’t make it.

Well, put those tear-stained handkerchiefs away, because we’ve prepared live coverage just for people like you.

Thanks to our friends at Free Speech TV, Free Press will be livestreaming various conference sessions throughout the weekend. The livestream will include the opening and closing plenaries, the keynote, and selected panel discussions, including “From Billionaires to Big Money: Democracy Up for Grabs,” “This Conversation Is Being Recorded” and “Go Ahead, Laugh: Comedy for Breakfast.”

Our livestream will also feature interviews Free Speech TV is conducting with selected conference speakers — everyone from sportswriter Dave Zirin to poet Hakim Bellamy to journalist Sarika Bansal, who covers social innovation and global health.

So grab your favorite snack, get yourself comfortable and tune in to our livestream. It’s the next best thing to being there!

The conference livestream will air on

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people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good